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Engineering Drawing / Graphics : Hands-on Training

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Master the art of engineering drawing and graphics through hands-on training.


This course is designed to provide hands-on training in engineering drawing and graphics. It covers various topics related to technical drawing and visualization techniques used in engineering design and communication.
Stay tuned for upcoming additions as we enhance the course with valuable content and complete the missing topics, ensuring an even more comprehensive learning experience.

Key Highlights

Utilize manual graphic tools proficiently for precise engineering drawings.

Demonstrate proficiency in basic engineering drawing concepts and terminology.

Expertly project points, lines, planes, and solids in different quadrants, solving complex problems.

Differentiate between the first angle and third angle projection methods.

Create precise engineering curves for various shapes.

Master the projection of isometric and orthographic views.

Skillfully execute sectional orthographic projections,

Develop lateral surfaces, transforming your ideas into accurate and detailed engineering drawings.

What you will learn

Tools for Engineering Drawing:

Explore essential graphic tools, pens, rulers, and compasses for precise design work.

Foundational Concepts:

Master basic concepts and terminology crucial for understanding engineering drawing principles.

Points and Lines Projection:

Project points, lines, planes, and solids in different quadrants, solving practical problems.

First vs. Third Angle:

Differentiate between first and third angle projection methods, understanding their applications.

Engineering Curves:

Draw engineering curves like involutes of circle, square, triangle, and pentagon for versatile designs.

Isometric and Orthographic Views:

Gain expertise in projecting isometric and orthographic views for 3D object representation.

Sectional Projections:

Delve into sectional orthographic projections, detailing internal aspects of objects.

Lateral Surface Development:

Develop lateral surfaces, transforming ideas into accurate engineering drawings.


Introduction to Engineering Drawing / Graphics

3 attachments

Importance of engineering drawing

Coming Soon

Overview of graphics tools and software

Coming Soon

Basic concepts and terminology

Coming Soon

First Angle vs Third Angle Projection Method

1 attachment • 6.21 mins

First angles vs Third angle method _ Orthographic projections animation

Projection of Point

1 attachment • 8.86 mins

Projection of Point

Projection of lines

2 attachments • 10.51 mins

Projection of Straight line: 9 key positions explained.

Line inclined to both HP and VP | Basic concept

Projection of Planes

2 attachments • 16.12 mins

Introduction to projection of planes

Projection of plane inclined to both HP and VP

Projections of Solids ( First Angle Projection Method)

3 attachments • 4.54 mins

Projections of Solids_ A Comprehensive Guide to Projections.

Projection of Solids: True Shape Orientation Explained | Engineering Drawing

Projection of Square Pyramid Explained: Step-by-Step Problem Solving | Engineering Drawing

Engineering Curves

17 attachments • 1 hrs

How to draw an Involute of a Triangle

Involute of a Square

Involute of a Pentagon

Involute of a Hexagon with Normal and Tangent.

Involute of a Circle with tangent and normal.

Cycloid _ Cycloid of a Circle

How to draw an Epicycloid

General Method for Parabola Construction.

General Method for Hyperbola Construction.

Parabola By Eccentricity Method _ Parabola by directrix focus method.

Ellipse by Concentric Circle Method

How to draw Ellipse by Parallelogram Method

Parabola by Tangent Method

Parabola by Rectangular Method _ Parabola by Oblong Method.

How to Draw Ellipse by four centre method

Ellipse by Arc of Circle Method

Ellipse by Rectangle or Oblong Method.

Orthographic Projections

6 attachments • 36 mins

Orthographic Projection from isometric view in Engineering drawing

Orthographic projection example 2

Orthographic Projection in Engineering Drawing- Example 3

Orthographic Projections in Engineering Drawing - Example 4

Orthographic Projections in Engineering Drawing - Example 5

Orthographic projection of Hexagonal Nut. | Example 6

Isometric view

11 attachments • 1 hrs

Isometric Projection in Engineering Drawing | isometric projection 3D from orthographic view

Isometric View | How to Construct an Isometric View of an Object

Isometric View | How to Construct an Isometric View of an Object | Example: 3

Mastering Isometric View of Circle Drawing: Engineering Drawing Tutorial for Precision and Clarity!

Isometric View | How to Construct an Isometric View of an Object | Example: 4

Isometric View | How to Construct an Isometric View of an Object | Example: 5

Isometric View | How to Construct an Isometric View of an Object | Example: 6

Engineering Drawing Demystified: Isometric Views from Orthographic Projections | ADTW Study

Isometric Drawing Made Easy: How to Draw Isometric Views with Orthographic Projections

Mastering Isometric Views: Engineering Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

Mastering Isometric Views: Engineering Drawing Tutorial for Beginners | Example 10

Sectional Orthographic Projections (Coming Soon)

Development of Lateral Surfaces (Coming Soon)


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